Command and Data Handling Unit

The Command and Data Handling Unit's (CDHU) main objective is to control the satellite flight segment. It provides enhanced processing resources for the space mission software (LEON-3FT dual core), communication interfaces with the AOCS (Coarse Sun Sensor, Star Tracker, Magnetorque, Reaction Wheels, Gyro, etc.), payload subsystem and power subsystem, time synchronization and distribution functions as well as a safe guard memory (optional).


The CDHU has a failure tolerant architecture based on a redundant configuration

  • LEON-3FT (Dual Core) Processor
  • Up to 80 MIPS 512 MByte SDRAM for volatile data 2 MByte MRAM for write protected, non-volatile data storage of e.g. boot/application software
  • 32 MByte MRAM for non-volatile data storage
  • CCSDS Telemetry and Telecommand processing
  • SpaceWire links
  • FPGA for customized functionality
  • Various RS422/RS485 interfaces to connect AOCS, payload subsystem and power subsystem
  • Analog interfaces for temperature acquisition
  • 128 kByte safe guard memory (optional)
  • High-reliability, full-redundant architecture with 2 CPU-Boards, 2 IO-Boards and 2 Power-Boards
  • Board support package for RTEMS operating system (Software Development Model available)
  • For detailed specifications please contact us